Buy or sell first?

This question is certainly one of the most important, although there is no right answer. Too many sellers rush to sell their property without planning what to do next. Being transparent and honest, David will guide you in determining what is best for you, based on your reality and the current real estate context.

To create an outstanding listing

The key to an effective and optimal sale begins with a clear and personalized action plan. Each property is different, and so is their seller. David will know which strategy will maximize the visibility and attractiveness of your property.

Fair Price

The formula is simple, every buyer wants to buy at the lowest price, and every seller wants to sell at the best price. So how do we come together between the two? That’s the reason why choosing David is the right decision for you. To determine the right price for your property, he will do extensive market research and give you advice on how to optimize your property.

Choosing the Right Broker

It can seem difficult to choose the right realtor. However, the foundation of any relationship is based on strong trust bonds. With David, you will be accompanied by an honest and transparent professional. In addition, he offers you important protections including the RE/MAX Tranquilité and Securité protection. Contact him for more information.